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    Class Description
  • Dance Exploration, LLC’s Creative Dance classes are designed as an interactive, play-time dance class with a goal to introduce dance and movement to preschool aged children. Our ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum has been designed with the whole child in mind and has been created around a child’s cognitive, language, social and motor development to form the 6 Methods of Dance™. Each month, Dance Exploration designs the class around a new monthly theme to keep the classes fun and exciting as part of our ‘Dance to Discover!™ method. The class structure remains the same with classes beginning with a warm up and stretches on the floor and slowly moving to standing. Next the dancers move Across the Floor. Movements consist of introductory movements such as tip toe walks, skips, marches, gallops and jumps. Movements are taught progressively to ensure mastery and proper execution as part of our ‘Dance to Move!’™ method. The ‘Dance to Accept!’™ method was created to help children learn to accept the unique talents and differences of their peers. To encourage teamwork and peer relations, many of the exercises and activities include dancing with partners or in groups. Story Dance Pathways™ are included in this class to teach shapes and concepts such as over, under, through, around, in between, inside, outside, and more. The Story Dance Pathways™ can also be designed to teach different concepts such as the life cycle of a butterfly or can be used to re-enact the plot of a story such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears! Story Dance Pathways™ are a creative approach to teaching children the basis of linking steps together to form choreographic works. Class ends with costumes and free style dancing where the child is allowed to let their creativity and imagination take over as part of the ‘Dance to Express!’™ and ‘Dance to Create!’™ methods focused on self-expression and creative thinking. They are challenged to learn musicality as they dance to fast and slow tempos, and their minds are encouraged to be creative when asked to strike big, little or medium poses or pose like animals or bugs! Throughout the class, Dance Exploration incorporates the use of several different types of props including multi-colored scarves, mats, wands, hula hoops and more! Incorporating props can help develop fine motor skills and improve hand-eye co-ordination and of course to make simple steps like twirling more fun! The Creative Dance Class includes The Terpsichore Literacy Program™ . This literacy readiness program includes reading a new children’s book each month. Children are then taken on an adventure with their dance Educator reenacting the characters, plot, conflict and resolution with movement. Children are nurtured by their instructor through a positive “Yes!” environment, and the small class size ensures the personal attention needed at this stage of learning. Children at this level are taught the fundamentals of choreography where they are taught dance routines and how to memorize them. Routines are based on the child’s ability and talent and are designed to encourage self-confidence and worth when executed correctly! Parents are able to observe what their child has learned through several free observations and community performances throughout the session! Creative Dance classes include participation in the Dance Exploration, LLC ‘Dance to Learn!’® at Home with Me™ Program!

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  • Class Details

    • Ages:
    • Class Style:
      Kiss and Go
    • Class Length:
      45 Minutes
    • Student to Teacher Ratio:
  • What will my Child Learn?

    Gross and Fine Motor Development
    • Through balance, stretching and coordination activities, children will strengthen muscles needed for continued gross motor development as well as improve posture
    • Children will improve hand-eye coordination by waving scarves and other props
    • Dancers will learn the process of enchaînment (linking steps together) as the basis of simple choreography
    • Dancers will learn simple dance movements through progressive teaching techniques
    • Students will learn a simple choreographic dance which they will perform with help from the teacher
    Cognitive Development
    • Children will learn how to associate dance movements through different themes; for example dancing like a rainstorm or dancing the steps of a butterfly chrysalis
    • Children will learn concepts such as over, under, through, around, etc during Story Dance Pathway™ Activities
    • Students will learn sequencing through progressive dance activities performed throughout different parts of class including Exploring the Concept, Story Dance Pathway™ and Story Dance Exploration™
    • Students will understand simple dance elements such as dancing in self space vs general space, dancing to different tempos, and dancing with different levels of energy ie: dancing happy vs dancing sad
    Social and Emotional Development
    • Children will learn to interact with other children and how they can exist with others in space while moving
    • Students learn how to wait patiently, take turns and work cooperatively in a group
    • Students will learn how to express themselves through verbal and non-verbal communication through simple dance activities
    Language Skills
    • Children will learn new dance terminology, the meaning of the terminology and how to associate that terminology with the correct movement
    • Students will learn how to express their needs, desires and problems to their dance teacher
    • Through the Terpsichore Literacy Program™ Children will learn different parts of a story including the plot, characters, conflict and resolution and how to retell the story through dance and movement
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