• Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me™

    Class Description
  • Dance Exploration, LLC’s Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me™ classes are a child’s first introduction to a structured dance and movement class. This 30 minute parent participation class is designed as an interactive, play-time dance class with a goal to introduce dance and movement to toddlers and preschool aged children ages 18 months to three years old. Parents and care givers will enjoy stretching, making noise, dancing and blowing bubbles with their little ones. The class is designed based on the ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum which is focused on the whole child and has been created around a child’s cognitive, language, social and motor development to form the 6 Methods of Dance™. The goal is to have child and caregiver interacting, moving and bonding with each other and the other participants. Children are allowed to explore, create and move in their own way and at their own pace. Activities are suggested and alternative activities are provided to each child and care giver as needed. Class activities are directed by the instructor and the course of the class may change based on the children and how they are performing and interacting.  Dance Exploration bases their Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me™ class on quick transitions and changing up games and activities as often as possible to keep class fun and the children actively engaged. Class structure and routines are consistent from week to week with class beginning with warm ups, next music shakers, parachutes, and scarves games will be played. Story Dance Exploration™ is a movement based center game without props, and Story Dance Pathway™ is a movement based obstacle course. Class ends with Teddy Bear Dance time! Teddy Bear Dance time is a time the caregiver can rest and observe as the children create, interact, dance and move with their teddy bears and their classmates. Dance Exploration provides Teddy Bears, but children are also welcome to bring their own. After Teddy Bear Dance time, class ends with an all-time favorite- bubble time to say goodbye!  Throughout class the Dance Educator will discuss each activity, the Method of Dance and developmental stage it focuses on and how the parents can continue the activities at home as part of the ‘Dance to Learn!’® at Home with Me Program™.

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  • Class Details

    • Ages:
      18 Months - 3 years old
    • Class Style:
      Parent Participation
    • Class Length:
      30 Minutes
    • Student to Teacher Ratio:
  • What will my Child Learn?

    Gross and Fine Motor Development
    • Children will learn basic fine motor skills and improved hand strength when they grasp props and toys
    • Through balance, stretching and coordination activities, children will strengthen muscles needed for continued gross motor development as well as improve posture
    • Children will improve hand-eye coordination by waving and playing with scarves, parachutes and bubbles
    Cognitive Development
    • Children will learn concepts such as over, under, through, around, etc during Story Dance Pathway™ Activities
    • Children will improve memory skills as they complete weekly progressions
    • Children will learn how to adjust movement when hearing tempo changes in music
    Social and Emotional Development
    • Children will learn to interact with other children and how they can exist with others in space while moving
    • Patience and sharing are practiced skills in the Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me™ classes
    Language Skills
    • Children will learn new dance terminology and how to associate that terminology with the correct movement
    • Students will learn how to express their needs, desires and problems to not only their care givers, but also their dance teacher
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