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    Where Anything is Passéble through Dance Education - 'Dance to Learn!'®
  • Dance Exploration, LLC is Colorado’s premier in-school dance and performing arts program for Denver schools! Founded in 2008, we have provided our educational dance classes to children in over 150 schools around Denver, Jeffco, Douglas County, Cherry Creek and Elizabeth public Schools as well as small private schools and preschools. We bring dance to you and make it accessible to everyone following our philosophy that every child should have the chance to dance! Classes are offered to children starting at 18 months-12 years old. Along with our unique offering of dance and cheerleading classes, we also provide unique theater classes for kids through our Broadway Exploration program!
    We pride ourselves in taking dance to the next level with a whole child approach to Dance Education with our Dance to Learn®️ Curriculum! We are not just another recreational dance program! Our students are found reading, writing, creating, and actively engaged in their dance education and learning how dance and movement can be integrated with their schooling for a valuable addition to their school day. We can’t wait to dance with you in your school!
  • About Us

    Our Mission

    ‘Dance to Learn!’®

    At Dance Exploration, we believe that dance is not merely a fun and recreational outlet for self expression. Dance is also a very important tool in the development and growth of children. Dance should be taught at a very early age and continue into adolescence. Our ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum along with our 6 Methods of Dance™ have been designed to teach the whole child from preschool to elementary school to ensure our students’ continued success in school.

    Our Vision

    “Dance in Every School Nationwide!”

    Dance Exploration’s ultimate goal is to collaborate with all early childhood education centers, schools, community and recreation centers. We look to train and educate childhood educators on ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum principals and the 6 Methods of Dance™ to ensure that dance can be used as a tool for teaching and educating more children. Through the Dance Ambassador Certification Program selling our Curriculum models to educational institutions and dance studios, we can ensure that the ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum can reach kids nation wide!

    Our Philosophy

    “Every Child should have the Chance to Dance!”

    At Dance Exploration we believe that every child should be given an opportunity to dance regardless of social status, race, or ability! We make our classes available to everyone through financial aid services, scholarships and payment plans. In 2013 we started our ‘Dance to Learn!’® in Title 1 Schools initiative designed to raise money for Title 1 schools in Colorado that needed financial assistance in funding our programs.

  • Our Teaching Method

    5 Methods of Dance™

    Dance Exploration follows the 5 Methods of Dance™ used in the ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum. This Method of Dance Education ensures that each child experiences a developmentally centric approach to dance education which focuses on the whole child. The ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum focuses on the five key stages of childhood development: cognitive, social, emotional, creative and motor development; while also following state and national standards of dance education. Dance Exploration offers two key programs for Dance Education, the Preschool Program and Elementary Program. Each program follows a Method designed for age and development appropriateness. 

    Dance to Discover™

    The ‘Dance to Discover Method!’™ focuses on Cognitive Development in the stages of early childhood development. Cognition is the process of intellectual development and how a child learns to process their surroundings, solve problems, and think both creatively and analytically.

    Dance to Express™

    The Dance to Express™ Method focuses on Emotional Development in the Stages of Child Development. Emotional Development is a child’s ability to experience, express and manage their emotions and feelings.

    Dance to Accept™

    The ‘Dance to Accept!’™ Method targets Social Development. Social Development is the means in which children interact with others to establish and develop positive and rewarding relationships.

    Dance to Create™

    The Dance to Create™ Method focuses on a child’s Creative Development. Creativity fuels a child’s ability to solve-problems, innovate, and explore new and unfamiliar areas. It is the hallmark of ingenuity, which may lead to successes later in life in the world of art, science, and technology. Children who are encouraged to think creatively exhibit higher self-esteem and motivation.

    Dance to Move™

    The Dance to Move™ Method targets a child’s Physical Development both in fine and gross motor skills. Fine Motor Development is the child’s ability to move smaller muscles such as fingers and toes, it can also refer to hand-eye coordination. Gross Motor Development involves a child’s ability to move on a larger scale such as dancing or playing sports.

  • Our Preschool Program

    For Boys and Girls
  • Preschool Program

    Dance Exploration’s Preschool Program, is a journey into the introduction of basic dance movements and principles. Using the ‘Dance to Learn!’ ® Curriculum Methods, we’ve created a program that combines dance techniques with early childhood development. The method behind our core curriculum is guaranteed to keep our young minds stimulated, curious, and amused with their dance education as well as continuously making progress in their development.

  • Our Elementary Program

    For Boys and Girls
  • Elementary Program

    Dance Exploration’s Elementary Program includes the 6 Methods of ‘Dance to Learn!’ ® Curriculum. Designed to teach the whole child, it is not simply a recreational program. The Elementary Program Curriculum is used as a teaching tool designed to supplement what our students are already learning in school. The Program is designed to increase self-esteem, allow a new form of self expression and identity, and foster a new level of thinking and problem solving all while having fun!

  • Our Broadway Exploration Program

    For Boys and Girls
  • Broadway Exploration Program

    Dance Exploration’s Broadway Exploration Program also follows 5 Methods of Education. Designed to teach the whole child, it is not simply a recreational program. The Broadway Exploration Program is a Theatre and Performing Arts program that incorporates not simply learning the techniques and elements of the performing arts but also literacy, student creation and design and student writing. The Program is designed to increase self-esteem, allow a new form of self expression and identity, and foster a new level of thinking and problem solving all while having fun!

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  • Why Choose Dance Exploration

    Colorado's Premier in-school Dance Program
  • Why Schools and Parents Choose Us

    Dance Exploration has been serving children in Colorado Schools since 2009! In that time we have become a trusted provider by schools and parents alike!


    • Certified 'Dance to Learn!' Educators
    • Safety Trained Educators, CPR & First Aid Certified
    • Background Checked and Finger Printed
    • Insured
    • Community Trusted
    • Operating Since 2009
    • Research Based Curriculum focused on Whole-Child Development
    • Discounts for Title One Schools, Preschools in the DPP Program
    • Financial Aid and Scholarships for low-income families
    • Professional Teachers

      Teachers are safety checked, trained and certified.

    • Community Trusted

      Dance Exploration has been serving local schools and families since 2009.

    • Fiancial Aid and Scholarships

      Flexible options for low-income families

    • Free and Discounted Classes

      Working with Title One and Denver Preschool Program Schools

    • “I have had the opportunity to observe several of the classes taught by
      Ms. Jessica. She is patient and gives clear directions. While using the correct
      terms for the dance positions/moves, she also provides a secondary
      explanation that is age-appropriate. My daughter enjoys her classes with
      Ms. Jessica and when asked, my daughter always has nice things to say
      about her teacher.”

      Ayla's Mom
    • A huge thank you to your staff. Peyton has thoroughly enjoyed her Monday
      dance classes as well as her teachers. This is a great program and a great
      opportunity for children to engage in fun dance activities.”

      Peyton's Mom
    • “Our daughter loves her Tuesday classes at Primrose and her teacher,
      Miss Rissa, and has so much fun learning!”

      Kailey's Dad
    • “I wanted to drop you a quick note about Jessi. As you know, Jessi
      visited Patrick Henry about 10 days ago to introduce a dance lesson in my PE
      classes. What a wonderful job she did!!! She showed professionalism, enthusiasm,
      and a real knack for working with kids. The students here really loved her visit and
      what she brought to our classes.”

      Matt McIntyre
      PE Teacher
    • We have had Dance Exploration at our school for the past few years. They are a big
      hit with our students and families. Ms. Jessica is very reliable and enthusiastic as a
      teacher. She makes dancing fun for all levels, in a fun and relaxed environment. We
      like how Dance Exploration is a professional company and easy to get in contact with.
      Dance Exploration has great communication with the families in our school.

      Sarah Cleary and Katie Hild
      Primrose School of Lowry
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  • Dance Exploration Educators

    With education and experience in early childhood care
  • Dance Exploration, LLC Educators are loved by our parents and students alike for being readily available, energetic and friendly and for putting our customers first! They are a unique group of individuals who have a wide range of experiences in dance, early childhood development, education, and healthy living.

    Described as PURPLE (Passionate, Uniquely Talented, Reliable, Professional, Love Kids and Educated) Dance Exploration Educators are the best dance professionals in the industry!

    Our Educators have been rigorously trained, auditioned, and tested prior to receiving their Certification in Dance Exploration, LLC “Dance to Learn!”® Curriculum and class flow.

    They are also trained on early childhood development, elementary education, how to create a “Yes!” Environment, and how to provide amazing customer experience. Our Educators are all CPR and First Aid Certified and follow strict safety guidelines and procedures to ensure your children are safe.

    • Jessica Clayton

      I founded Dance Exploration with a goal to bring educational dance classes to children in schools around the Denver Metro Area. After 10 years, I’ve had the pleasure of instilling a love for dance in thousands of students.

    • Elisabeth
      Certified Dance to Learn!® Educator

      My name is Katie. I grew up and studied in Canada. This is my second year at Fable and love every minute of it, making the children’s learning experience fun.

    • Rissa
      Certified Dance to Learn® Educator

      I hold a degree in Early Childhood Education and an advanced English language certificate. I have been working as a kindergarten teacher since 2002.

    • Nicole
      Certified Dance to Learn® Educator

      I have completed a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching. I have worked with children aged from six weeks to eight years. This is my second year at Fable.

    • Megan
      Certified Dance to Learn® Educator

      I have completed a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching. I have worked with children aged from six weeks to eight years. This is my second year at Fable.

    • Lauren
      Certified Dance to Learn® Educator

      I have completed a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching. I have worked with children aged from six weeks to eight years. This is my second year at Fable.

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