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    Denver's Best Summer Dance Camps
  • Wild Wild West Hip Hop Dance Camp

    Denver Jewish Day School
    2450 S Wabash St, Denver, CO 80231

    7/23-7/27 (M-F)

    Ages 6-10

    Hour 1: Warm Ups and Skill Mastery
    Hour 2: Break Dance and Pop N’ Lock
    Hour 3: Choreography (Wild Wild West)

    Learn all of your favorite dance moves as seen on TV shows such as So You Think You can Dance and America’s Best Dance Crew! You will have learned all the cool moves when this camp is over! You can show your friends how to do knee drops, balance with your legs over your head, and move like a robot. Class also includes a fun free style section commonly known as a battle. This is where you will get to show off your best moves to your class and dance to express yourself. Your instructor will lead you in a fun choreographed dance to the song “Wild Wild West” by Will Smith. This dance will be shared at the final day for your parents, families and friends to see all that you have learned. 


    • 1:00-4:00pm
    • Full Day Camp Available
    • Ages 6-10
    • Daily Craft
    • Snack Included
    • Family Performance (Friday 11:30-12:00pm)
    • Early Bird Discount (ends March 2018)
    • Sibling Discount 
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    • Phone:

      (720) 449-9558

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  • Wild Wild West Hip Hop Dance Camp

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